My Career

I work in IT and Data Management for a gardening company, sat behind a desk looking aimlessly at a screen, writing code for reports and automated processes.

I have been into computers and technology for as long as I can remember but the interest mainly all started in A Level when I achieved my best ever grade.

After this, I started an 18-month apprenticeship at the local hospital working in their IT department as a Desktop Support Engineer. This involved looking after over 3000 pieces of hardware, a few hundred types of software as well as the countless members of staff. It was an enjoyable and yet challenging time. It was from this experience that I learnt what hard graft really was. Go to school was so small in comparison.

So far, that’s it. I haven’t done a lot really. Just two main employments of which one was the apprenticeship. However…

I am now at the point in my life when I now want to switch careers to focus on what means most to me, the natural world. I have in my mind’s eye a five-year plan which isn’t carved in stone but has ‘checkpoints’ that I aim to meet.

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