Anti-Hunting Protest

Yesterday, the 29th May 2017, marked a point in my life which I have been wanting to reach for a long time. The participation within a political and peaceful protest in London, organised by KeepTheBan, opposing the free vote being given to the members of the House of Commons to repeal the Hunting Ban put in place by the 2004 Government under Tony Blair.

The event attracted c.4000 people which all congregated at Cavendish Square at 12 noon. The demonstration had speeches from Dominic Dyer (CEO Badger Trust), Bill Oddie OBE (conservationist and television presenter), Peter Egan (actor and animal right campaigner), Anneka Svenska (founder @angels4innocent) and Prof. Andrew Knight (Animal Welfare Party candidate for Maidenhead).

The march ended outside Downing Street at 3 pm where more speeches where made highlighting the brutality of this ‘blood sport’. There were a range of groups that took part in this protest including Hunt Saboteurs Association and Care2, to name a couple.

The experience was wonderful to be around so many people that are as nature loving and passionate about our countries wildlife as I am. This has encouraged me to get more involved in preventing wildlife injustice and to not only speak about it or experience it, but to help support those and get involved with those helping to protect it.


The BBC seemed to ignore the protest all together even though they were just down the road from Number 10 covering the London 10,000 Race. To read more on this matter visit, KeepTheBanWeb

I have to give a big thank you though to the Police Force on the day as well as they made sure everyone was safe and that nothing was able to harm us or the general public.

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