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Happy belated New Year everyone. Over the Christmas period I participated in some Anti-Fur protests outside of my local Tessuti store in Ipswich, UK. The protests were a success. Following weeks of protests every Saturday, with the group getting bigger outside of the store. Tessuti buckled announcing that all fur products were to be withdrawn and distributed around the country. Okay, so the fur hasn’t gone completely, however, we can say that the Tessuti store in Ipswich, UK is Fur Free.

The majority of the people involved in the protest were vegan and through this I got to learn a lot more about the dietary decision. The ethical values that adhere to and the medical benefits that the diet can also have with it. They recommended a few documentaries to watch on Netflix that would be able to tell me more about the medical disadvantages to eating meat. ‘Forks over Knives’ was the first one I watched and it did the job exactly as they said. It showed the direct correlation from a scientific point of view, all be it one sided from a vegan’s perspective, that eating excesive amounts of meat holds the trigger to medical conditions such as Cancer and Heart Disease. The other documentary I am yet to watch is ‘Cowspiracy’, this looks at the treatment of the animals within the dairy industry.

If anyone is interested in watching these documentaries to be prepared for some graphic scenes of what could be perceived as animal abuse.

With this new found knowledge I decided to join my fellow protesters in participating in ‘Veganary’. For the month of January you eat like a vegan so, no meat, no dairy, nothing that comes from an animal. As I suffer with a disease known as Ulcerative Colitis (UC), this had to be taken into consideration as my body struggles to absorb the correct amount of nutrients. Research was undertaken by my mother and myself, finding that UC suffers are advised not to go vegan as the increased amounts of fiber in the foods irritates the condition. Even so, I decided I would continue to participate but with my own twist.

Therefore, my version of ‘Veganary’ was to cut out red meat; pork, beef, etc. But to have only chicken as part of a Sunday roast, otherwise it was to be only fish. I increased the amount of fruit I ate. Tried eating vegetables that normally I would have voided like the plague. The ‘experiment’, as I was calling it, turned out to be rather interesting. Finding alternatives that fitted into this was relatively easy for the parents to find when they conducted the weekly shop. Going vegan at work however, was challenging as the cafeteria didn’t offer anything that was vegan. So, as I wasn’t being so strict about it, I continuously chose the vegetarian options that were on offer.

Now that its finished I have seen a change in my weight if nothing else. I have done no more exercise than normal and continued to snake on biscuits and crisps. Just by cutting out meat I lost a total of 8lb in just 4 weeks. This shows that if nothing else, just by changing your diet can help in the effort to lose weight.

UPDATE 18/02/2018: I have chosen to go back to eating red meat but only to make it easier whilst living at home and only as part of Sunday Roasts. During the week I am continuing the vegetarian alternatives.

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