Toad Patrol

Starting on the 1st February I have been going out every Wednesday to help with this wonderful cause to help Toads and Frogs get across a road to their breeding ground. There has been a group of around 20 volunteers of all ages. On the first night I helped we collected 151 Toads and Frogs for which this amount was not collected again this year. Another group got close with c. 120. Below you can see a picture of one of the buckets that we collected that night.

We are continuing to go out until the end of April. Most of the amphibians are on their way home now after, hopefully, a successful breeding. We will find out in the near future when we start to see Toadlets and Froglets hopping back to the meadow and surrounding areas.

Keep and eye out at the moment and any that you find please help them by moving to the verge to which they are facing.

Until next time, keep twitching.

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